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6.6 kW From $50 Per Fortnight!

December 20, 20233 min read

MNC Solar Installation

Enjoy all the benefits of a 6.6kw solar system from just $50 per fortnight! Our affordable finance options for solar mean you can save on energy costs by generating your own clean, green solar power without the large up-front cost! Call today!

Depending on your circumstances, solar power on your roof top is a no brainer for saving on your electricity costs. If you want to use more energy during the day for appliances, such as your air-conditioner to stay cool and comfortable without having to pay for the power, a 6.6 kW solar system can partially or completely offset your daytime power usage.

The challenge with installing solar on your roof top to save money on your power bill is that you need to invest a relatively large amount upfront to save over the long-term. Fortunately, MNC Solar Power are able to offer all of our different solar powered solutions for affordable, fortnightly instalments to approved finance applicants via a Brighte Green Loan. This means you can get 6.6 kW installed onto your rooftop and generating electricity for you from as little as $50 per fortnight or a larger system for just a little more.

Renee from MNC Solar Power says:

“Energy costs are only getting more expensive over time so if you can install a solar system now to offset your power usage, you can potentially save more on your energy bill than you pay for the solar. And if you are able to use more power during the day, your solar system can save you even more!”..

Our calculations are based on a 6.6kw solar system installation in Port Macquarie, Wauchope, Kempsey, Taree or most areas within these Mid North Coast LGAs. $50 per fortnight is based on repayments over 7 years and of course a solar system is going to be generating clean energy for you for much, much longer (20+ years is typical).

If you would like to explore our partner finance calculator, click the link to view this now! And if a solar installation for your home makes sense then give us a call and we would be glad to discuss next steps to get solar power generating for you too!

If you are unsure how to calculate your potential savings with solar, simply fill out our Mid-North Coast bill analysis form and we would be glad to help you crunch the numbers to see if it is worth investing in an MNC Solar Power installation on your roof too!

Dean from MNC says...

“When the HOT 🔥summer comes on and you can use your ❄️ air conditioner with all the power it needs coming from your solar system, that's a 🤩 great feeling!

Split Air Conditioning System Installation Port Macquarie

How to calculate your potential savings with solar on the Mid-North Coast

To get started with calculating the value of making the switch to solar is easy. Simply send us some details including a recent electricity bill and we will cary out a free cost / savings / benefit analysis for you to see if the numbers stack up. Get your free cost / benefit analysis today.

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MNC Solar Power Team

MNC Solar Power are your local solar system experts on the Mid North Coast. For grid tied and off-grid solar systems, give us a call! 02 6583 9368

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