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If it's Raining and You Need an Electrician in Port Macquarie Fast, Call us!

MNC Fully Qualified Electricians

MNC Solar Power provide excellence in customer service and general electrical support to our valued customers seeking a licensed electrician in Port Macquarie.

Wet rooftops are slippery and unsafe for installing solar. For this reason, when it starts to rain, send us your general electrical job list and our team of fully qualified electricians will be delighted to support your electrical work requests.

Safety First

Did you know Up to 1800 house fires each year could potentially be prevented if the wiring is checked by a licensed MNC electrician and safety switches are installed? Most properties built during or after the year 2000 will have safety switches installed. For properties built before the year 2000, we strongly recommend having an MNC licensed electrician perform a check to ensure you and your household are safe. The NSW government recommends you test safety switches twice a year to ensure they're working properly. Once switches are installed, testing regiuarly is easy to do by the home-owner and can prevent the deadly risks of electric shock and fire.

General Electrical Work

Do you want to change a light fixture to something more modern or that better suits your style? Perhaps you need an extra power point or you wish to upgrade your power points to be USB charging enabled. How about upgrading your lighting switches to have a tiny LED to guide your finger to the switch when it is dark? There are so many ways our qualified electricians can help you to make your home more comfortable and convenient. If in doubt, just call and ask.

Split System Air Conditioning

A split system AC is one of the most economical ways you can heat your space during winter and MNC Solar Power supply and install AC in Port Macquarie and our local region. If you have a room that is too hot or too cold, let us make it oh so comfortable with an energy efficient AC unit that will transform your comfort at home.

If It Is Raining, Call Early For Instant Support for General Electrical Work

We generally carry out general electrical work only if it is raining as we are unable to install solar to a wet slippery roof due to safety for our team. The exception is customer for whom we are installing solar. If you are having an MNC Solar System installed, be sure to provide a list of general electrical work you wish carried out at the same time and not only will you avoid an expensive call out fee, we bundle our services with the solar installation to save you even more money!

Remember, safety and quality service is our top priority, irrespective of the weather conditions. Schedule your appointment with one of our fully qualified electricians for a seamless and cost-effective electrical service experience.

Our Electrical Capabilities


Solar Installations in Port Macquarie and Surrounds

MNC Solar Power are your one stop, solar installation experts in the Port Macquarie area. We install residential and commercial solar in the Hastings community and help our customers harness the region's abundance of sunshine. The Hastings community's commitment to sustainable energy solutions is matched by our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and tailored solar systems that maximise the delivery of clean, solar power to our customers.We adhere to the highest standards in designing and installing solar systems, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Our team of trained professionals will guide you through every step of the process, from initial consultation to post-installation support.


House Battery Systems (design and install)

MNC Solar Power in Port Macquarie specialise in the design and installation of Tesla Power Walls for grid tied systems due to their superior reliability and high performance. The Tesla Power Wall is equipped with a state-of-the-art power management system that adapts to your energy needs. It will power your home during the night, or during a power outage, ensuring you have energy when you need it most.

We also offer after-sales service and maintenance to ensure your system operates at its best long after the installation. Investing in a house battery system not only secures your power supply, but can also add considerable value to your property. Contact MNC Solar Power today and take a step towards energy independence.


Split System Air Conditioning Systems

MNC Solar Power provide tailored AC solutions that are both affordable and efficient to run and make your home comfortable all year round. We recommend Mitsubishi Industries split systems which offer both excellent performance and reliability.

For larger places, we can design and install multi-split systems that give you the latest energy-saving technologies in individual rooms. This is particularly valuable in larger homes or workspaces where some rooms are not used at all times. Our aim is to work with you to understand your needs and then recommend and install a system that will be efficient to run and effective in making your spaces comfortable all year round.


General Electrical Work Port Macquarie

MNC Solar Power are LOCAL and we are standing by for all your general electrical work requirements. Whether you are looking to bundle your electrical work with a solar system or just need a new power point (we do stand alone work requests like this on rainy days when roof tops are too dangerous to install solar)

Get in touch with the team today to get an obligation free quote and let's make your home more convenient and comfortable today!

Frequently Asked Questions


You are solar installers, does this mean you can advise on upgrading our system with a battery or more panels when you are carrying out general electrical work?

Absolutely, as your local solar installation experts, we're equipped with the knowledge and experience to advise you on potential upgrades to your solar system, including the addition of a battery or more panels, solar controllers and monitoring tools.

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