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Residential Solar Panels for Your NSW Home

MNC Solar Power can help you to create the ideal residential solar installation anywhere on the Mid-North Coast. MNC Solar Power believe that first and foremost, residential solar panel systems must be reliable and we build our solar systems to both perform well and last. From solar panels to inverters and all components, MNC Solar Power products are of the highest quality. Our product selection has been refined over the years to optimise energy density with up front investment cost and performance over time. The brands we use have been tested by us extensively in the field so you can trust that your system will provide you with years of reliable, clean energy. We offer free expert advice and guidance and design and install your solar panel system collaboratively. Our team is also available for maintenance and service checks to ensure that your system is always operating at peak condition.

A Residential Solar 10.375kW Case Study

Embracing Solar Power: Retirees' Journey to a Sustainable Future on The Mid North Coast

When you make the decision to put solar on your roof, MNC Solar Power work with you every step of the way to tailor a system to suit your power usage patterns, available roof top space and budget. In this hypothetical case study,

Bev and Terry not only want a reduced electricity bill, they want to use more energy and not feel guilty about their impact on the environment. The couple use more than the average amount of electricity. Bev has a passion for baking and her oven is going most days. She bakes for fundraisers and supports her community groups. She loves it. Bev’s oven is top of the range and does consume quite a bit of power. Bev also likes to keep her home comfortable with a large split system air conditioning unit and while not a concern yet, Bev is aware of rising energy costs. Terry also has his hobbies. His well equiped workshop is full of all kinds of power hungry tools and an old fridge he uses to keep the beers cold. The couple also have a heated spa that they also use daily.

At MNC Solar Power we proposed a 10.375kW system with a real world estimated annual production of 16,712kWh. The impact on Bev and Terry’s average monthly bill has been to reduce it to zero. In fact, they are now generating surplus energy, leading to monthly credits of approximately $42.42. This solar solution has converted annual electricity expenses of approximately $2,666.99 into a credit of $506.09. By adopting a solar solution, this couple will enjoy an estimated annual saving of $3,176.08.

Environmental Benefits:
Beyond financial benefits, Bev no longer has to feel hesitant when turning on the oven for hours, Terry can enjoy his workshop hobbies (and the beer fridge) knowing they are contributing to a significant reduction in carbon emissions. By eliminating reliance on conventional energy sources, Bev and Terry’s 10.375kW solar system is estimated to save the equivalent of 5704 kg of coal per year in avoided power plant emissions.

Cost Benefits:

With a projected net return of 616% over 20 years and a rate of return on cash invested of 36%, we hope this solar case study gives you some insight as to the benefits of investing in a solar system of your own. Solar also adds value to your home should you wish to sell at any point so if you want to make today’s money work harder for you tomorrow, a solar installation is certainly a compelling argument in our sunny climate.

Ready to Take Action?:

if you can afford the modest up front investment and love the idea of saving money over the long term while generating clean energy from the sun, let’s work up a cost / savings analysis for your unique circumstances to see if Solar also makes sense for you! Call today, there is no obligation!

Receive a $750 Rebate for Your Powerwall

Store your solar energy for use at night and for backup protection with Powerwall so when the grid goes down, your power stays on. Powerwall is a rechargeable home battery system, designed to maximise your home’s energy independence.

Customers who install and register their Powerwall(s) between 11 August 2023, and 31 December 2023, will receive a $750 rebate for each Powerwall. You can install a single Powerwall or multiple Powerwalls. After your Powerwall(s) have been installed, connected to the internet and registered, you can submit your rebate request in the Tesla app. Once confirmed, Tesla will transfer the funds of your eligible rebate to your nominated bank account.

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