Australian Made Innovation!
Better Than a Skylight and Available Now From MNC Solar Power

illume is An Innovative Lighting Solution Powered by Sunlight

illume is an 12v Australian Made solar powered lighting panel that is a great alternative to a traditional skylight. illume bring natural looking light into homes with no added heat and no risk of leaks! A fraction of the cost to install a traditional skylight, illume are solar powered panels which mimic the light outdoors for perfect ambient lighting in dark areas of your home. MNC Solar Power supply and install illume 12v solar powered lighting panels in a range of sizes to perfectly suit your space. Call the team today for a chat about the hassle free way to add natural looking light to your home today!

Hassle-Free Installation and Energy Efficiency

Illume Skylights stand out for their installation simplicity. They require no modifications to your roof structure, preserving its integrity and preventing leaks. Installation is straightforward, and cost effective. The MNC Solar will mount the solar collector on your roof, cut out a templated hole in the ceiling plaster, connect the cable, and you're done! Unlike traditional skylights, Illume Skylights maintain room temperature without compromising insulation, making them energy-efficient and cost-effective. They eliminate common skylight issues like mould, bugs, and dust, ensuring a cleaner environment with less maintenance.

Create light in dark areas

Illume lighting solutions are perfect for closets, hallways, toilets or anywhere you want natural looking light without the cost and potential issues of a traditional skylight. The difference is like night and day and illume lighting panels can even be connected via 240v so they can be powered by their solar panel during the day and available at the flick of a switch at night. Get set to transform the light in your home without the heat! Contact MNC Solar Power today for an illume solar powered lighting solution for your home. Or drop by in person and view illume lighting panels working in our showroom, you will LOVE the light!


  • All The Benefits Of A Skylight, Without The Problems.

  • Simulates outside lighting conditions.

  • No bugs, condensation or unhealthy mould.

  • Green technology reduces carbon footprint.

  • No roof penetrations so it can never leak.

  • Optional ability to turn light on and off at night via connection to your mains power.

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