Off-Grid Solar Power Solutions On The Mid-North Coast

We can tailor 10kw to 100kw or larger to support your energy needs

Victron Off-Grid Solar Solutions

MNC Solar Power design, supply and install Victron Energy off-grid solutions. in Port Macquarie and on the Mid-North Coast we offer a compelling and viable alternative to connecting to the grid. The state of the art energy storage systems we design can keep your home or business powered up and independent from the grid. If you have facing the cost of a new grid connection for a rural properties, do a cost / benefit comparison and allow us to design a tailored system to fit your power requirements.

Our reliable battery backup solutions, provide you with a reliable, uninterrupted power supply for remote homes and buildings through out the Mid North Coast and our experience with homes and businesses of all sizes mean we can advise you on your own tailored solution and provide a good balance between your upfront cost, system capacity and future scalability.

At MNC Solar Power, we design our off-grid battery systems around tailored solar panel systems. Store excess energy generated during the day for use at night or when the sun output is lower. We will help you to take control of your energy needs and be self-reliant off the grid and free from energy supply costs.

To get you started, chat with our sales team who can assist you in needs analysis and creating the perfect energy storage system that meets your specific requirements.

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4 Considerations For Off-Grid Power Systems


Energy Storage Capacity

The energy storage capacity of your house battery is crucial. MNC Solar Power will help you to assess your household or business's energy consumption patterns and determine how much backup power you need. We consider the number of essential appliances and devices you want to power and the duration of backup power required to determine the best fit for your needs. The battery system you choose will also impact the effectiveness of your system. MNC Solar have extensive experience with Victron Energy off-grid systems.


Power Output and Scalability

It is critical to evaluate the power output capabilities of your battery backup solution when choosing the right brand and model for off-grid use. The power output should be adequate to handle the simultaneous demand of your essential appliances and devices today but you should also consider the scalability of the system. MNC Solar Power design solutions so it is easy for you to expand the battery capacity in the future if your energy needs increase. This flexibility is important to accommodate potential changes in your energy usage over time so you know your system will accomodate you as your needs evolve and expand.


Integration with Solar Panels and Energy Management

The compatibility and seamless integration between your battery backup solution and your solar system is essential. MNC Solar Power provide tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate your Victron batteries with your solar panel setup. Our attention to detail when it comes to Solar / Battery integration allows you to more efficiently store excess solar energy generated during the day and maximise the value of your off-grid solar and battery backup system. The energy management features of MNC Solar Power off-grid solar and battery systems makes monitoring and control easy so you can optimise your system use throughout the year and never be without power.


Get informed about solar

MNC Solar Power are LOCAL and can help you to project the life time value of your solar and off-grid system by helping you to break down the big numbers for our region. Once we have a picture of your existing power use, we can help you to choose the best battery backup system and solar solution for your needs. Cost vs warranty vs reliability is an important consideration too. MNC Solar Power make recommendations based on our experience across hundreds of solar and battery installations and we have several options available to fit most budgets.

Get in touch with the team today to get an obligation free quote and an off-grid or house battery backup solution that will work best for you!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the largest system available?

We can tailor 10kw to 100kw or larger to support your energy needs. The size of off-grid is typically limited by roof space however MNC Solar Power can also design and build ground mount solar solutions.

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